Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spirit's Kachina

Black Tobiano Curly Filly  (homozygous for black) born June 29, 2010 out of Easter's Buttermilk (Buckskin)  See her blog at:

Grown up and under saddle

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MO Windchester

Photo courtesy of Becky Oldham
Chestnut Curly Colt born May 26, 2010 out of Gypsy Rosa Lee (chestnut)  For Sale, $4,000  MO Foxtrotters

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

ZGC Tahoe

Buckskin Tobiano Curly colt, 2010 out of  Cappuccino's Sapphire (Perlino)  Sold to Mountain Trails Ranch.

ZGC Sahara

Palomino Curly Filly, 2010 out of   DCC Cocoa de la Creme (Buckskin curly) She is a microcurly, most likely homozygous curly.  Unfortunately, this beautiful mare was lost during foaling in 2014 along with her foal.  So....sad.  Visit her page at

ZGC Charlotte

Bay Curly Filly, 2010 out of Moon Master's Hazie Girl (Black) Sold

Gypsy Moon

Photo courtesy of Becky Oldham
Chestnut Straight Filly, 2009 out of Gypsy Rosa Lee (chestnut)

Scarlet Letter

Chestnut Curly Filly, 2009  out of   Boomerang's Golden Penny B (palomino), for sale, $6,000 from Lazy Q Curlies

Monday, March 15, 2010


Photo courtesy of Becky Oldham
Sorrel Straight Filly out of  Free Spirit Sarsparilla (Red Roan Sabino) 2009
.  She is a full sister to ZGC Dallas.  Sold.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Namaspamoos Vegas Marama

Black Curly filly, 2009 out of Moonlight Lady (black)

ZGC Phoenix

Chestnut Curly colt, 2009 out of ZGC Champagne Ice (Palomino Curly)
For Sale by MountainTrails Ranch for $5,000

ZGC New York

Smoky Black Curly colt 2009  out of Shinin's Creme de la Creme (smoky creme)  Now a gelding.

ZGC El Dorado

Palomino Curly Colt, 2009, out of Rebel's Charisma (Cremello)  Now in Germany!

ZGC Madison

Bay Tobiano Straight filly, 2009 out of Sensation's Golden Cameo (Palomino)

ZGC Paris

Bay Straight filly, 2009 out of Midnight's Morgan (Black)

ZGC Delta

Buckskin Tobiano Straight Colt, 2009 out of Daisy's Miss Blue Eyes (Cremello) 

ZGC Sydney

Buckskin Tobiano straight filly, 2009 out of Rio's Sundust Gold (Palomino)

ZGC Cheyenne

Black Tobiano Straight Filly, 2008 out of 

ZGC London

Bay Curly Filly, 2008 out of Creme de Cocoa (Buckskin)

Roan Ranger

Photo courtesy of Becky Oldham
Dark Chestnut Roan Straight colt, 2007 out of Sassy (Red Roan Sabino)

RTE Lord Tristan

Red Roan Curly colt, 2008, out of DCC Strawberry Ice (Roan)  Now owned by Rancho Tres Estrellas.

MO Sundance Kid

Photo courtesy of Becky Oldham
Sooty Buckskin Straight Colt, 2008, out of Manzanita (Classic Champagne)

Rock Star

Photo courtesy of Becky Oldham
Amber Champagne Tobiano Straight Filly, 2007 out of Faux Gold (Amber Champagne)

ZGC Savannah

Black Tobiano Straight Filly, 2007 out of Emporer's Apricot Brandy (Palomino)    Once owned by Demille Foxtrotters, but now SOLD.

ZGC Memphis Belle

Bay Curly Filly, 2007 out of Treasure (Buckskin)

ZGC Sedona

Chestnut Curly Filly, 2007 out of Touch's Curly Sue (Palomino) SOLD

ZGC Durango

Black Tobiano Curly colt, 2007, out of Bitner's Magic Comet (Black/Gray Tobiano).  He is now a stallion in Germany.  See his babies in the link listed above.

ZGC Cassidy

Smoky Black Tobiano Curly filly, 2007 out of Penny (Palomino)

ZGC Carmella

Palomino Curly Filly, 2007 out of Della (Smoky Creme)
Grown up and under saddle, Photo courtesy Brad Hansen

Stockton Rae

Bay Tobiano Curly colt, 2007 out of Diamond (Black Tobiano)  Now in Finland.

ZGC Sienna

Palomino Curly Filly, 2006 out of Curly Sue (Palomino) See her grown up in her new home at White Dragon,

ZGC Tucson

Gray/Black Tobiano Curly Colt, 2006 out of  Bitner's Magic Comet (Black/Gray Tobiano)
Tucson with his dam 

ZCG First Lady

Smoky Black Tobiano Curly mare, 2006 out of Pishna (Smoky Gray)

ZGC Dallas

Chestnut Curly Stallion, 2006 out of Free Spirit Sarsparilla (Sassy) (Red Roan Sabino)  He has "Medicine Spots" and is for sale to approved breeding home.  What a beauty.  I love his color.